HIRED-PhD: A database for the career-conscious grad student

Highly Informative Repository of Employment Data for PhDs, or HIRED-PhD, is a database created with the goal of helping current (or soon-to-be) graduate students make choices about selecting an institution or research group that will further their career goals. The database uses information scraped from group websites to obtain placement data of former students.

Institutional or departmental survey data on alumni employment are plagued by low response rates and a lack of fine-grained data on research group and time to graduation. HIRED-PhD is an attempt to fill in these gaps, and allow multiple users to contribute information as it becomes available.

I created this project because it’s a tool I wish I had had when I was thinking about grad school and figuring out which professor I should work for. If you’re currently pursuing a PhD, thinking about going to grad school after college, or wondering, “which group should I join if I want to be a research professor when I grow up?”, I hope you find this project useful. Ultimately, I aim to illuminate interesting trends in post-PhD employment and inspire greater transparency in departmental recruiting efforts about the career outcomes of their alumni.

You can follow my progress on this project on my Github page.

-Rachel Harris, PhD Candidate and data enthusiast

One thought on “HIRED-PhD: A database for the career-conscious grad student

  1. Fenton Heirtzler

    Quantitative data would contain the employment outcomes in terms of percentages, as opposed to the Wonder Women and Supermen. Excluding post-doctoral holding patterns
    Perhaps in reference to departments and specific research directors. I don’t know if this has already been done here, but if not then it might be something to think about.

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